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  • Can I Modify My Rhode Island Child Support Order?

Can I Modify My Rhode Island Child Support Order?

Most court orders are final, but divorce decrees are a unique type of court order. The family courts understand that, as the years pass after your marriage ends, your life changes. Thus, it is important that you seek to change your divorce decree to match your new circumstances.

Child support alteration is one of the most commonly sought divorce decree modifications. A substantial change in your or your ex-spouse’s financial situations — or in the needs of your children — can significantly increase or decrease over time. The Rhode Island child support guideline factors considered by the court when setting your initial payment can still be considered in the modification, but major alterations in the following can form the basis for changing your payment amount:

  • A parent's loss of job
  • Change in child's medical needs
  • Promotion or significant salary increase of a parent
  • Disability of a parent
  • Change in child's educational needs
  • Alteration in the amount of time the children spend with each parent
  • The addition of more dependents
  • Remarriage

If any of these circumstances change substantially, you may qualify for a modification of support. Rhode Island divorce modification lawyers can review your individual life-change circumstances and help you determine if a divorce decree modification is likely to be granted.

If you believe your divorce decree should be modified to match your current life circumstances, contact the family law attorneys at Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc.