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Drugged Driving Increases the Risk of Fatal Car Crashes

Safe driving is a huge concern in this country. Many studies have shed light on factors that can increase the risk of danger while driving, citing everything from alcohol consumption to cell phone use. However, another activity causing safety concerns is driving while under the influence of drugs.

A recent study by Columbia University found that drug use can triple a driver’s risk for a fatal car accident. Further, the risk for a fatal car accident skyrockets by 23 times when the driver takes drugs in combination with alcohol. Taking drugs while driving can cause the driver’s attention to be divided and create coordination issues, influence judgment and affect reaction times. These facts are even more concerning with the increasing trend of using prescription drugs inappropriately.

These findings are especially troubling because Rhode Island has one of the highest drugged driving rates in the country. This not only puts drugged drivers at increased risk, but it also creates a greater risk of fatality or serious injury from car accidents for other drivers on the road.

If you have been involved in a drugged driving or other motor vehicle accident that resulted in injury, you should not be stuck with the costs associated with the injury, such as lost wages and medical bills. Consult with an experienced Rhode Island auto accident lawyer who can help you secure compensation for your losses from someone who recklessly got behind the wheel while impaired.

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