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Take the Distracted Driver Challenge

Summer is a good time to try something new so here’s an idea: take a fresh look at how you are using your mobile device. The great thing about technology is that it makes our lives easier, providing an often seamless connection to our daily business. With that natural connection, it’s easy to multitask, which is a great benefit until it creates a safety concern.

Distracted driving is a real threat on today’s roads. In the summer months, distractions increase considerably. More children are playing outside, bikers are on the road and appear without warning from blind spots and there are many more cars on the road due to vacation travel and students being home from school.  Add to all of this the use of a mobile device, whether checking a text message quickly or scanning an inbox, and it’s easy to see why thousands of people are injured each year because of distracted driving automobile accidents.

For 100 years, the National Safety Council has been the leading safety advocate preventing unintentional injuries and death. The Council has created a website where you can pledge to be a more attentive driver. The page even allows you to dedicate your pledge to an individual or family.

Follow this link to take the safer driving challenge: https://www.nsc.org/forms/distracteddriving_pledge.aspx?utm_medium=(none)&utm_source=(direct)&utm_campaign=pledge

Taking the first step to decreasing risk associated with distracted driving could save thousands in liability claims alone. Make the decision to stop texting while driving, or wait to make the phone call until you have arrived at your destination. Each change will decrease your risk of being involved in an automobile accident and could even save someone’s life!

If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, contact an attorney knowledgeable in Rhode Island personal liability laws to discuss the details of your individual situation.

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