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Want to Create a Safer Workplace? Reduce Stress

Employers and company leaders are often looking at every possible solution to create a safer, less hazardous workplace for employees. A safe workplace improves productivity, helps companies comply with regulations, and helps employers avoid personal injury lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents.

Often employers focus on the more apparent issues, for example keeping hallways clear of blockages, or walkways ice-free.

While these standard logistical concerns are important to prevent injuries, there has been research coming to light in recent years that show another important factor in workplace personal injuries involves stress.

When employees feel stressed out, the result is often a loss of productivity and efficiency, and they’re at a greater risk for being part of an accident or a safety hazard. As well as personal injury issues, employees that feel a significant amount of stress also tend to have poorer health, meaning more absenteeism and less engagement.

So as an employer, how can you help reduce stress in your workplace?

Show, Don’t Tell

As an employer, your employees look to you to set an example, so if you’re constantly displaying negative emotions, signs of stress, and you have a hard time keeping your emotions in check, this is likely going to trickle down to your own employees.

If you want to avoid personal injuries, and maintain a productive workplace, set the example. Learn to cope with your emotions in a healthy way, and encourage your employees to do things that help them blow off steam, even if it includes something like a brief mid-day walk around the building.

Promote a Wellness Plan

Look for a quality wellness plan that is comprehensive and will help your employees address a variety of not just physical, but also mental factors.

When your workplace is mentally and physically healthy, you’ll have happier workers and when workers are happier they’re also more engaged and less likely to be part of a mistake that can lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

Interior Influence

If your workers seem stressed out or just generally unhappy, you might want to consider changing the appearance of their work environment.

If your work environment is dark, dingy, or uninviting, workers are going to feel less content. Also an environment like this tends to automatically lend itself to more accidents.

Consider doing a revamp with a coat of fresh, bright paint and perhaps more ergonomic office furniture. You can even make small changes to add brighter, modern light fixtures or little touches like live plants throughout the office.

Utilize Communication

Communication is a valuable tool in all aspects of the workplace. When you provide constant avenues of communication with your employees, you’ll see tremendous rewards.

Communication can be in the form of safety emails, posters and reminders, or opportunities for employees to provide their own feedback about the workplace.

When employees feel like they’re clear on what’s expected of them, and that they also have opportunities to provide their own opinions they’re more likely to have a reduced level of stress, and the workplace can become a safer and less hazardous place.

If you’ve been part of a personal injury accident, the best course of action is to contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you determine the next steps. 

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