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January 2015
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Can You Rely On These Divorce Predictors?

If you’ve ever been in a marriage that ended, did you ever think that would be the result? Most people who have gone through a divorce or are even contemplating a divorce probably didn’t believe that would be how their marriage would end up, but for a large percentage of people that is the case. Read More

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The Reality of the Most Common Adoption Myths

Adoption can be a complicated and incredibly overwhelming experience for anyone, which is why it’s important to rely on the services of a family law attorney who can help guide you through the process. There are so many complexities to consider from cost to legal issues, and there unfortunately are also a lot of myths Read More

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January—The Month of Divorce?

The holidays are behind us and it’s time to settle into the dark days of winter. Does that also mean couples are more likely to divorce during this time of year? According to research, the answer is yes. January has been dubbed “Divorce Month,” and according to industry professionals there’s a big uptick in the Read More

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  • "Using a nationally recognized valuation expert, we were able to establish the value of a sole medical practitioner’s office that resulted in a verdict giving our client an overwhelming alimony award." - Divorce, alimony and business valuation

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