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In Rhode Island, assets acquired by spouses during their marriage generally are considered marital property and are subject to equitable division by the court in divorce or through settlement negotiations with the help of a division of assets attorney in Rhode Island. However, most divorces involve complex asset-division issues, such as whether an asset was accrued or vested before or after the date of marriage and when that asset can be obtained. Many assets, such as retirement benefits and stock options, are very difficult to value at the time of divorce because they are not obtained until a future date.

At Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc., our Rhode Island division of assets attorneys use the expertise of financial professionals — such as retirement, pension and stock option valuators — to help you determine the value of your marital assets for purposes of divorce.


Our division of assets attorneys in Rhode Island have the knowledge and skill to help you protect and divide all types of assets in divorce:

  • Retirement plans: Retirement plans such as 401(k) and 403(b) plans are marital assets subject to division if earned during the marriage. Retirement payments usually begin at a future date, and removing assets from retirement accounts early can have severe tax consequences. A Rhode Island division of assets attorney can help you determine the best way to divide and protect these assets.
  • Pensions: Whether a pension is subject to division and how much of it is marital property depends on whether it has vested or is a military or civilian pension, as well as the particular provisions of the plan, including any survivor benefits. The amount of a pension is typically determined by the employee’s salary, length of employment and age, the duration of the marriage and other factors.
  • Stock options: Like pensions, stock options are subject to division based on the options’ purposes and whether they have vested. Their worth is also based on those factors.

To learn more about the equitable division of assets, see our page on property settlements and alimony.

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