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Seasoned Rhode Island Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Prenuptial agreement lawyer in Warwick, RI helps you protect your rights

Many people avoid a prenuptial agreement because they think having one may actually predispose them to divorce or undermine their marriage. However, neither need be the case. Prenuptial agreements can help spouses avoid arguments and the likelihood of divorce by setting forth the rights and responsibility of each spouse in the marriage.

Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. is a full-service family law firm with the experience and skills that spouses need to protect their marriage. With over 100 years of combined legal experience and a stellar record of success, our firm offers services that are sought by couples and spouses throughout Rhode Island.

Assistance from a prenuptial agreement attorney in Rhode Island

Prenuptial agreements, also known as prenups or premarital agreements, are contracts made by couples with the assistance of a prenuptial agreement attorney in Rhode Island before their marriage. The purpose of a prenup is to help future spouses determine their rights and responsibilities in the marriage and to protect them in case of divorce. These types of marital agreements can also be made after the date of marriage, but they are known as postnuptial agreements, postnups or postmarital agreements.

In a premarital agreement our prenuptial agreement attorneys in Rhode Island can help you list your property and debts as well as those of your future spouse, and address a broad range of issues:

  • Property settlements
  • Alimony
  • Division of retirement benefits, pension benefits and stock options
  • Insurance benefits
  • Rights to manage and control any property during or after marriage
  • Private or personal rights and obligations

Using a prenup, a Rhode Island prenuptial agreement attorney can help determine what property each spouse should receive in case of divorce, whether it is separate or marital property. Prenups can also address spousal support rights in the event of divorce, including how many years the spouses must stay married before either has a right to support, and how much support can be awarded. However, prenups cannot negatively or positively affect child support or custody.

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There are strict rules about what makes a prenuptial agreement valid, so it is vitally important to seek the assistance of an experienced prenuptial agreement lawyer in Rhode Island to draft or review your agreement. To learn more about prenups, contact Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. online or call 401-467-5300 today.