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After a divorce, it is typical for parents to want to relocate closer to other family members, follow job opportunities, remarry or just move on with their lives. However, parents cannot simply leave a state and take their children with them. The law limits parents’ rights to move with their children to prevent parental kidnapping.

At Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc., our interstate child custody attorneys fully understand the laws surrounding child custody modifications for the purpose of parental relocation. We provide assistance in modifications involving interstate moves, moves within Rhode Island and parental kidnapping.


Each Rhode Island interstate child custody attorney at Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. has a thorough understanding of the laws governing custody modifications due to parental relocation, also called move-aways:

  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA): The UCCJEA was designed to discourage interstate kidnapping of children by noncustodial parents. Before the UCCJEA, noncustodial parents frequently took children across state lines to find sympathetic courts willing to reverse their unfavorable custody orders. The UCCJEA requires the child’s home state, which is where the child has lived for the past six months, to have control over child custody arrangements and modifications.
  • Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA): The PKPA was also enacted to prevent parental kidnapping. It provides that once one state exercises jurisdiction and issues a custody order, family courts in other states must enforce and not modify the custody arrangement.

Our Rhode Island interstate child custody lawyers work hard to ensure that your custody and visitation rights are protected whether you need a modification or want to preserve your custody and visitation in Rhode Island.


Because there is less of a concern over parental kidnapping with in-state parental relocations, they are generally not as complicated as out-of-state moves. However, because parental relocation can seriously affect a custody or visitation arrangement, the court considers many factors before granting such a request, such as the parent’s reasons for moving, the distance of the move, travel costs and how the move will affect the child’s time with each parent as far as schooling and special needs are concerned. Our interstate child custody attorneys in Rhode Island are highly experienced in issues of custody modification and enforcement and can help you understand and protect your rights.

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