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Rhode Island Divorce Modification Attorney and Enforcement Lawyer

Divorce modification lawyer in Warwick, RI, enforcing and modifying support and custody arrangements

At Kirshenbaum Law Associates, we understand that divorce is often a time of turmoil for our clients. Because many former spouses and their families are starting new lives after divorce, it is quite common for circumstances to change greatly from the time the original divorce decree and alimony, child support or custody arrangements were made. Our divorce modification attorneys in Rhode Island frequently assist clients in obtaining divorce modifications, including seeking increases in inadequate support awards obtained by other lawyers.

Child custody modifications in Rhode Island

Our Rhode Island divorce modification lawyers help you seek a modification of custody if there is substantial change in your circumstances, your child’s circumstances or the other parent’s circumstances. Substantial changes can include:

  • Parental relocation
  • Job loss or unemployment
  • Loss of income
  • Job opportunity or raise
  • Increased income or inheritance
  • Additional dependent children
  • Remarriage
  • Disability
  • Child’s age and wishes

One of the most common causes of custody modification is a parent’s relocation out of state, whether due to remarriage, a job opportunity or any other reason. To learn more about parental relocation, see our page on interstate relocation cases.

Child support modifications in Rhode Island

Our Rhode Island divorce modification attorneys help you modify child support if there is a substantial change in circumstances, including the circumstances of you, your former spouse or your children. In addition to support guidelines, which are explained on our child support page, the court considers all relevant factors when determining the initial support payment:

  • Children’s financial resources
  • Custodial parent’s financial resources
  • Noncustodial parent’s financial resources
  • Standard of living the children would have enjoyed if the parents had not divorced
  • Children’s physical and emotional conditions
  • Children’s educational needs

The court also considers the amount of time the children spend with each parent. If any of these circumstances change substantially, it may be justification for a modification of support.

Rhode Island divorce and alimony modifications

An award of spousal support or alimony can be modified for many reasons when the circumstances of the supporting spouse change or when the needs of either spouse change. This can include when the supported spouse remarries, completes job training or education, obtains a job, suffers an illness or disability or inherits assets or property. A Rhode Island divorce modification attorney at Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. can examine your case to determine whether a modification of alimony or your property settlement agreement is warranted.

Experienced divorce modification attorneys in Rhode Island helping you

If your circumstances have changed, you should not have to live with an outdated custody arrangement, or support or alimony payment. Contact Kirshenbaum Law Associates online or call 401-467-5300 today to learn more about how we can help you obtain the modification you need.