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Collecting child support becomes complicated when the custodial spouse lives with children in one state and the noncustodial spouse lives in another state. Seeking legal representation from child support lawyers can help you understand the laws that protect your rights, enabling you to obtain effective enforcement of a child support order. At Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc., we work closely with clients to help them deal with child support issues.


You likely have a number of questions about how child support works when your ex-spouse lives in another state. Which state calculates child support payment? Which state has jurisdiction over enforcing child support payments? Do states work in cooperation with each other?

When you file for divorce in Rhode Island, the local court ultimately oversees child support calculations based on Rhode Island statutory guidelines and issues the order regarding your child support. Rhode Island is the state of jurisdiction and also has the authority to enforce the support order. Rhode Island cooperates with other states that have jurisdiction under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA).


The Rhode Island Office of Child Support Services explains that the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act is the primary law governing interstate child support services. State laws conform to this and rely on it for power to enforce payments. UIFSA allows states to enforce support orders in other states and establishes procedures for facilitating the process. Interstate withholding is another tool that can be used and it allows for withholding the non-paying spouse’s wages without having to go through the court. States also have a Central Registry that handles incoming interstate child support cases by distributing orders to local offices and gathering information to assist with the process or by administrating child support payments.

While interstate child support is far more complex than child support between parents living within the same state, laws and procedures exist that can help you protect your rights and obtain entitled child support. By working with a seasoned family law attorney who has encountered and handled all types of child support issues, you can receive appropriate legal guidance and representation.

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