Verdicts and Settlements


For over 100 years, Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. has been helping clients throughout Rhode Island achieve successful results in divorce and custody cases. As highly experienced, tough trial attorneys, we fight to protect our clients’ interests in and out of the courtroom. Although we cannot promise similar results in every case, we work hard to ensure the maximum results in each case.


Our skill is evidenced by our significant achievements and the satisfaction of our clients, which can be seen in our client testimonials. To learn more about the personalized assistance our attorneys offer in family law, contact Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. online or call 401-467-5300 today.

  • Divorce, alimony and business valuation
  • Child custody and support

Divorce, alimony and business valuation

  • Using a nationally recognized valuation expert, we were able to establish the value of a sole medical practitioner’s office that resulted in a verdict giving our client an overwhelming alimony award.
  • Obtained award of lifetime alimony for 50-year-old wife and successfully defended former husband’s attempt to modify the alimony in the family court. Also successfully defended wife against husband’s appeal to the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
  • Exposed husband’s attempt at trial to present falsified tax returns.
  • Established legal precedent in the State of Rhode Island for recognition of personal goodwill of a business, that is separate and apart from business goodwill, in a case in the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
  • Established in the Rhode Island Supreme Court that marital conduct means both good and bad conduct and the family court judge must take that into account.
  • Won lifetime alimony for a 48-year-old client who worked part time but had a partial disability.
  • Obtained five years of alimony for a stay-at-home father.
  • Collected unpaid alimony of $200,000 because we discovered assets in a southern state.
  • Collected substantial sum of unpaid alimony from a doctor hiding in New York.
  • Successfully defended both husbands and wives against false allegations of domestic abuse. Domestic violence must never be tolerated or excused. All attorneys at Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. seek immediate restraining orders and all other legal remedies for clients who suffer from domestic violence and abuse.

Child custody and support

  • Obtained physical placement of a 3-month-old child with the father.
  • Successfully represented a client whose wife kidnapped their children and took them to a country in Europe. The children were ordered returned to the father by an international court, and the father won sole custody in Rhode Island.
  • Successfully represented a woman who won a judgment allowing her to move to Chicago with her three children.
  • Obtained sole custody and placement of young child for the father by showing the father was the better parent.
  • Awarded double the amount of child support over the offer from the opposing attorney.