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Experienced Rhode Island Business Valuation Attorneys

Business valuation lawyers in Warwick, RI with significant expertise

When spouses get divorced, one of the most sought-after and disputed assets is often the business or professional practice of either or both spouses. This is generally a very complex area of divorce that requires the skill and knowledge of experienced Rhode Island business valuation attorneys.

At Kirshenbaum Law Associates, we handle even the most complicated property division and business valuation matters in divorce. Our skilled trial attorneys helped to mold divorce law in Rhode Island, making the Kirshenbaum name synonymous with successful divorce representation. If you need help protecting or dividing your business and assets, you need Kirshenbaum Law Associates.

Asset division assistance from a Rhode Island business valuation lawyer

Many types of assets and property may be subject to division in a divorce — from the family home to retirement funds to a business. However, the question of whether a business is subject to equitable division is highly complex and should be discussed with a knowledgeable business valuation attorney in Rhode Island. Some of the issues that arise in the division of a business during divorce include:

  • Whether the business was established before or after the date of marriage
  • Whether the business was established before marriage but continued through marriage
  • Whether the business improved because of a spouse’s contributions
  • Whether the business was a gift or inheritance
  • Whether the business is a sole proprietorship or professional practice

Business valuation experts in Rhode Island

When a business is divided between the spouses, the key issue is the value of the business. In many divorces, one spouse keeps the business and essentially buys the other spouse’s marital interest in the business in a cash payment or property set off. As a result, placing a value on the business as a marital asset is an important component of the division of marital property. Our Rhode Island business valuation lawyers use their over 100 years of combined legal knowledge to protect and divide your business assets. We work closely with top-notch business valuators and other professionals whose opinions are crucial to a favorable outcome.

Contact a skilled business valuation lawyer in Rhode Island

At Kirshenbaum Law Associates, our business valuation attorneys in Rhode Island offer their superior skills and expertise to help you protect your business and other assets for a fair and equitable division of assets in your favor. To learn more about our significant experience in business valuation in Rhode Island and the services we offer contact Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. online or call 401-467-5300 today.