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Effective Rhode Island Child Custody Attorneys

Custody lawyer in Rhode Island looking out for your best interests

Child custody disputes are often the most emotionally trying issues for parents during and after a divorce. Even when both parents want an arrangement that is in the best interests of the child, legitimate differences of opinion can cause serious conflict. At Kirshenbaum Law Associates, our Rhode Island custody attorneys understand what a difficult experience divorce can be for you and your children. We offer strong but sensitive legal representation that protects your interests and those of your child in negotiations with your spouse and in family court.

Legal and physical custody in Rhode Island

A custody attorney in Rhode Island can help you seek two types of custody arrangements — legal custody and physical custody. When you have legal custody, you have decision-making rights over your children’s education, healthcare, religion and other major decisions. When you have physical custody, the children reside with you in your home. Usually, one parent has primary physical custody while the other parent is given visitation rights.

Obtaining sole or joint custody in Rhode Island

When the family court makes a decision about child custody, it does so according to what it deems the best interests of the child. Since continuing contact with both parents generally is considered to be in the child’s best interest, joint custody is often awarded, with primary physical custody going to the parent who is best situated to care for the children while the other parent gets visitation. For more information on visitation schedules, including that of grandparent visitation, and how a custody attorney in Rhode Island can help you obtain visitation rights, see our page on visitation.

Modifying child custody in Rhode Island

The court considers many factors when determining child custody in Rhode Island, but circumstances often change after the initial divorce decree. These changes include job loss and opportunities, relocation to another city or state and changes in the needs of the children and parents. When your circumstances change, our custody lawyers in Rhode Island can help you seek a custody modification from the court. When custody changes, support usually does too. We can help you seek the appropriate child support modification as well.

Contact attorneys with a reputation for successful results

At Kirshenbaum Law Associates, our Rhode Island custody lawyers are committed to providing you with exceptional service in order to obtain optimal results. To learn more about how we can help in your child custody, visitation or support matter, contact us online or call 401-467-5300 today.