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5 Of The Most Common Car Injury-Related Injuries

Undoubtedly, car accidents are incredibly common across the country and can also cause grave injuries and even death. While every car accident is of course unique, there are also many factors at play during the majority of these accidents that tend to be similar which leads to frequent similarities in the types of injuries sustained by victims.

Some of the injuries incurred in a car accident may not be evident for days, weeks or even months and oftentimes victims of car accidents don’t even realize the pain or damage they’re suffering from is the result of a past accident.

The following is a list of the 5 most commonly seen injuries relating to car accidents of all types:

  1. Brain and head injuries: Brain and head injuries have gained a lot of attention in recent years not just because of car accidents but also because of personal injury lawsuits resulting from sports-based injuries. It’s unfortunate that brain and head injuries are one of the most common things that occurs during a car crash, because they often happen to be the most dangerous type of injury as well. This type of injury can be silent, and in some cases deadly. Victims may go for long periods of time without any signs or symptoms of trauma and that can result in things like bleeding and swelling in the brain.
  2. Neck Injuries: We often have that outdated notion of car accident victims walking around in neck braces for settlement purposes, and while that imagery can seem a bit ridiculous, neck injuries aren’t a laughing matter and they’re right up there with brain and head injuries in terms of the frequency with which they occur during an automobile accident.
  3. Chest injuries: While brain, head and neck injuries may have a higher profile in terms of accident injuries, chest injuries tend to go under the radar but are also very common and detrimental, particularly depending on the impact of air bags. Much like head-based injuries, chest injuries can go unnoticed and cause a great deal of internal damage.
  4. Facial injuries: While painful and incredibly difficult to deal with, facial injuries do tend to have the advantage of being fairly visible when compared to the other types of problems on this list. Facial injuries can range quite a bit in their severity—it may be something as minor as a scrape or a bruise, or it could alternatively be something very serious requiring various types of reconstructive surgeries to repair damage.
  5. Back injuries: When it comes to back injuries they’re not just commonplace resulting from a car accident—a number of Rhode Island personal injury cases are the result of back injuries stemming from a variety of types of accidents. Back injuries caused by car accidents typically affect the lower back most commonly and this is one that can take a long time for symptoms to manifest.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, even if you don’t immediately feel as if you’re injured it’s important to immediately seek medical care and then contact a professional Rhode Island personal injury lawyer.

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