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  • City of Cranston Lawsuit Seeks to Recoup Water Treatment Expenses

City of Cranston Lawsuit Seeks to Recoup Water Treatment Expenses

The Rhode Island central landfill has not paid the City of Cranston its fair share for the processing and treatment of its wastewater cost for years. Liquid runoff from the landfill contains nitrogen and other pollutants. Cranston has treated this runoff  to remove these dangerous elements from the runoff before it reaches Narragansett Bay. The City alleges that it is unfair for its residents to pay to subsidize the landfill’s business expenses. Modifications to Cranston’s  plant have been and are expected to be completed in 2015.  Once completed, the landfill will no longer be permitted to continue to send this runoff to Cranston. Cranston is now suing Rhode Island Resource Recovery, those in charge, to recoup past expenses, to enjoin further treatment without compensation and to exit the system.

Evan Kirshenbaum, a Deputy Cranston Solicitor and one of Kirshenbaum Law Associates’ attorneys, spoke recently concerning the filed lawsuit on behalf of the city. Cranston has spent millions of dollars treating the runoff and Evan Kirshenbaum is hard at work to ensure the city is appropriately compensated. The suit is on its way to Superior Court, and damages sought may be as much as $10 million for Cranston.

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