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Divorcing in January? You’re Not Alone.

If January has you looking for a Rhode Island divorce lawyer, you’re not alone. Historically, divorce filings spike during the first month of the year. In fact, there’s even a day dubbed “Divorce Day” as record numbers of couples file on January 8th.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the reason behind why so many couples file for divorce in January and the recent divorce announcement of one of the world’s richest couples.

Why Is January Considered Divorce Month?

For many, it’s hard to understand why January, a month known for resolutions and new beginnings, ranks as the most popular month for divorce. If December is often overflowing with proposals and engagements, what really happens when the year flips over?

While there’s no hard and fast rule as to why January sees the most splits, there are several theories. For starters, January is a time when people start getting back in the groove of work and life.

The holiday season is a time reserved for visiting family and friends, travel and for many, a reprise from work. Couples, even those who’ve been unhappy for months or years, don’t want to disrupt the holidays or upset kids and family members. Some couples may also take solace in the idea of one last holiday season together.

With January comes the thought of new beginnings. If you’ve been unhappy for months, even years, the beginning of the year could feel like the perfect time to start anew. For some, that means filing for divorce. It’s important to make sure that your decision is one based in logic, not a result of stress from the holiday season.

One thing we always like to remind people is that January isn’t just a month of doom and gloom. It’s also a time when activity on online dating sites increases tremendously. So although there’s an uptick in divorce filings, the same can be said about new love.

What Happens When The Richest Man and Woman Alive File For Divorce?

Thankfully, most divorces never make the news, let alone the front page of every media outlet in the world. It’s a different story though for high profile figures and celebrities.

This past weekend, Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, and his wife MacKenzie, announced their intention to divorce after 25 years of marriage. Bezos is considered the richest man in the world and many are speculating not only how much the divorce will cost, but what it means for Jeff’s share in his billion dollar brainchild, Amazon.

The Bezos reside in Washington state where the law dictates that that community property is divided in a “just and equitable” manner. Any asset or debt acquired during a couple’s marriage falls under the category of community property. Many people think that equitable distribution translates to 50/50 split, though this is not the case.

In Rhode Island, an equitable distribution state, judges are required to examine a variety of factors to help them determine a proper settlement. Factors influencing settlements include:

  • Length of marriage
  • Age and health of each partner
  • The contributions of each partner, both financially and in child rearing
  • The likelihood and ease of each partner to continue or retain employment
  • And much more

Though famous and extremely wealthy, the Bezos’ divorce process will follow the same laws and guidelines that all divorcing couples in Washington State are subject to. The only difference will be the scale of their business valuation and amount of assets their lawyers have to sift through.

If you’re thinking about divorce, one of the best things you can do is meet with a family law attorney in Rhode Island. We’re here to help you through this time. Contact Kirshenbaum Law Associates today.