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  • Don’t Involve Social Media In Your Child Custody Dispute

Don’t Involve Social Media In Your Child Custody Dispute

Social media networking outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others have opened doors for people to keep in-touch and keep tabs on each other. While this is a good thing on the surface, social websites may not be the best outlet for you to use when you are involved in a child custody dispute. Child custody lawyers in Rhode Island continue to hear an increasing number of couples say that social media evidence should be presented to the court.

Rhode Island law provides that child custody must be awarded based upon the best interests of the child. Thus, it is important to take every step available to prove that awarding custody to you is in the child’s best interests. When it comes to social media, here are some online networking tips to consider as you proceed through your divorce and your child custody dispute:

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you have posted numerous pictures of yourself drinking or in other compromising situations, your spouse may try to use the pictures as evidence that you are an unfit parent.
  • Don’t talk poorly about your spouse online. It is the goal of the family court to see the child continue relations with both parents. Seeing evidence that you are not likely to foster your child’s relationship with the other parent can be damaging.
  • Remember, it is not only your social media page that you need to be concerned about. Make sure your friends' and family's photos of you can't be used against you, either.
  • Don't post anything about, and especially do not talk insultingly about, the attorneys or the judge involved in your case.
  • Most important, do not post anything that you would not want the judge presiding over your case to hear or see.

Even though your Rhode Island custody attorney can give you further legal advice and guidance, following the above steps can help prevent your social media account from creating problems in your case.

If you are considering divorce and you have minor children, contact Kirshenbaum Law Associates, Inc. We have the experience and skill needed to fight for your custody rights.