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Protecting Your Child Custody Case

Child custody is easily the most difficult and emotionally draining aspect of a divorce case. When experiencing a difficult custody situation, try to think clearly and act rationally. When emotions run high and there is bad blood between parents, sometimes people make mistakes and poor decisions. If your custody matter reaches a judge’s hands, you do not want to risk losing the right to be involved in your child’s life. Let your Providence, RI child custody attorney handle the majority of your case.

The fastest and most desirable way to arrive at a custody arrangement is by means of mediation. However, if mediation fails, your case may lie in the hands of a judge. A custody lawyer in Rhode Island can assist you with trial preparations if this happens.

While going through child custody proceedings, follow these simple rules:

  • Protect your children – Never speak ill of your spouse in front of your children. Do not instill hate or resentment within them. The court may hold this against you during proceedings.
  • Do not leave – Try not to leave the family home after a separation. If you do leave the home, take your children with you. This tells the court you are serious about staying involved in their life.
  • Utilize visitation – If your children do not live with you, take advantage of all the visitation time available.
  • Put the kids first – When proposing a custody arrangement, think about the best interests of the child, not about your personal preferences. Do not let anger or resentment cloud your judgment.
  • Do not date – Do not start dating until your divorce is finalized.  Your spouse might hold it against you in court. If you are dating, do not bring your boyfriend or girlfriend around your child.
  • Follow court orders – Completely comply with all court demands or risk losing custody entirely.
  • Be prepared - Be prepared for the financial and emotional commitment that accompanies custody. If you have joint custody, be willing to communicate with your ex-spouse in a civilized manner.

Kirshenbaum Law Associates understands that child custody disputes are sensitive matters. If you are going through a divorce, we help maintain your parental rights and protect the child’s well-being.