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  • The Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Divorce

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Divorce

You painted your kitchen, built a patio and filed your own taxes. In the age of do-it-yourself services, it’s tempting to feel like filing your own divorce papers should be considered. Following are the top reasons why you should think again:

  1. Emotions. It seems pretty straightforward, right? You’re both in agreement that divorce is the way to go, so why not sit down amicably and get it done. It’s the rare situation where emotions don’t get in the way. Don’t impair decisions that you’ll need to live with for quite some time with biased viewpoints.
  2. Money.  You may save some money upfront by handling the divorce yourself, but are you certain that you calculated all of the elements into your agreement that you are entitled to? You may feel fine about estimating investment values, insurance policies and retirement accounts, but a professional will look at all angles of your financial picture, leaving no stone unturned and ensuring a fair financial agreement.
  3. Children. Everyone wants what is best for the kids, and this may be the best reason to seek help from an attorney. Do you feel capable of making objective decisions, filtering out the input of well-meaning friends and family? Do you fully understand the elements of divorce that will affect your children?
  4. Mistakes. These can be costly. Having a relationship with an attorney who understands your unique situation can be the difference between small inconveniences and major oversights.
  5. Trust. In divorce, there are two sides to the equation. Can you trust the other side to do their part?

There are times when divorce can be very straightforward, which makes it tempting to consider handling the details yourself. It is important to remember that divorce is a lawsuit with potentially serious consequences. If you are considering divorce, find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable, and can trust.