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Top Reasons to Adopt an Older Child

Considering adoption? You may be interested to know that the current Rhode Island database for children awaiting adoption is in the thousands – and those are for children over the age of 4 years old. Often times, an older child fits more appropriately into an existing family and there certainly are many reasons to consider bringing an older child into your life.

An older child by definition has the ability to help decide if the relationship will be a good fit for themselves. They can speak their mind and share feelings and emotions that are relevant to the decision making process. Participation in the decision making of where they will live helps the child to feel in control of a process and may result in a more positive transition.

Another important element is that older children have had more time to develop a clearer medical picture. Genetics play an ongoing role in the development of children as they age, but older children will have had time to build a medical history that can provide insight into whether certain medical conditions or risks are of concern. Allergies, viruses, emotional behaviors and other medical concerns will be documented or identified in the child’s medical record so that potential adoptive parents can understand the extent of caregiving that might be needed.

Personal interests are also an important factor for consideration. Often times, older children have had the opportunity to be exposed to activities that will allow them to have personal interests. Whether athletics, books or arts and music is preferred, understanding what makes the child tick is wonderful insight that can help to make a strong adoptive match.

If you or a family member is considering adoption, contact an experienced Rhode Island adoption attorney to learn more about the process of adopting and how it will affect your personal situation.