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Using Technology To Help Co–Parent

On the scale of embracing technology, there are early adopters and there are resistors. Wherever you may fall, it’s difficult to argue with the fact that technology can simplify our lives.  In many cases, we may resist using technology because it limits personal interaction between people. When considering communication between parents with shared custody, maybe technology becomes more a more attractive option to communicating in person. Most people have smart phones today, but if not, many popular applications can be accessed via a desktop website as well.

In the case of schedules, appointments, school calendars, team schedules and more, consider adopting an online calendar that provides the ability to share calendar listings with another person. Often calendars can be color coded and it is very clear that the other person has seen the listing as they will need to accept the appointment onto their calendar. Often these aps are free and accompany many email accounts.

Wondering if you’ll be left waiting at the designated drop off site on switch day? Consider trying a GPS tracker that shows where your child’s phone is. This takes the guesswork out of wondering if the co-parent is coming or not, as you can see exactly where your child is on a map.

Expense tracking software can be very helpful when requesting reimbursement from another parent. Medical co-pays, school lunch costs, clothing or equipment can be tracked against specific bank accounts and tagged for reimbursement from one another.

 Wondering what your child might want for a birthday or holiday gift? Why not share the knowledge with your co-parent and have your child start a wish list on their favorite online shopping site. If your child is too young to start their own wish list, perhaps you can start one for them as a great way to capture everything in one place.

Whether you are new to co-parenting or have been managing a child between two homes for years, there are many easy to use tools available that can simplify the process of communicating.

If you are considering divorce or feel the need to modify an existing custody arrangement, contact an experienced RI custody lawyer to discuss your personal situation.