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Avoiding Dumb Dad Divorce Mistakes

We completely understand how traumatic divorce can be for everyone involved, but often the perils dads face get overlooked. In the process, dads make a lot of mistakes that could be avoided, and could make the divorce proceedings more favorable for them, if they realize what they’re doing wrong.

If you’re contemplating, or are in the midst of a divorce, don’t make these dumb dad mistakes that can sabotage everything from your finances to custody of your children.

Mistake: Not Working Hard Enough to Have Time with Your Children

Custody battles are an emotionally-draining prospect, and there are often two routes dads take: they either become vindictive and turn the custody process into a war, or on the other side of the coin, they simply give in to demands, in hopes of keeping the peace.

As a dad, it’s important to do everything possible to get as much time as you can with your children. You shouldn’t ignore your own rights, and what’s best for your children just to keep things from getting too messy, because in the end this isn’t going to benefit anyone.

It’s easy to become frustrated and simply give up, particularly since the preconceived notion of family courts is that they most often side with the mother, but don’t get discouraged, and don’t give up until you’ve done your very best to maintain your relationship with your children.

Mistake: Not Following Through with Agreements

During divorce proceedings, it’s important to hire a lawyer you trust to represent you well, and get you the things you need from any agreements made.

Unfortunately, many dads sign agreements they have no intention of following, and this can lead to major legal issues, and in some cases can result in jail time.

To avoid this mistake, never sign something if you have any inclination that you may not follow it. Wait until you can come to an agreement that you’re comfortable with before signing.

Mistake: Leaving Your Home

When you’re facing a divorce, it can seem like the right thing to move out in order to make it easier for your wife and children.

Unfortunately, while your intentions may be good, this might not go well in court. Moving out before you’re divorced can be viewed as abandonment of your house, your possessions, and your family, which can seriously impact financial settlements and custody of your children.

Mistake: Keeping Secrets from Your Lawyer

This is a mistake that not only men, but also women frequently make during divorce. You may have some things in your life you’re ashamed about, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to be honest with your lawyer.

Remember, even though you may not tell your lawyer about something, your wife is most likely going to tell hers, so it will eventually come up. It’s better for your attorney to be prepared for these topics, rather than being blindsided.

Be Proactive and Prepared

As a dad in the midst of a divorce, aside from avoiding the above mistakes, it’s important you take a proactive role in everything that’s happening, without attacking your wife or fighting in court to be vindictive.

Instead, hire a professional family law attorney, provide the necessary information, and be clear on your expectations and desires, rather than letting anger or frustration guide your actions.